Anonymous asked:

We want more selfies on the Instagram & here pls

Granting two wishes in one selfie.  Some call it efficiency.  I call it laziness.  May all your Sunday tumblr wishes come true.

This is what happens when your friends trust you to house sit…dreams come true.  (no prostitutes were hurt during the filming of this video) #riskybusiness

Anonymous asked:

So, is that a no or do you want to set limits so everyone is aware?

Very little will surprise me (I’ve lived in the 909, worked with homeless teens, and have tumblr), although after saying that I’m sure someone will take it upon themselves to find a way.  Nothing derogatory, abusive, or illegal.  

Disclaimer - If you are expecting a response, don’t.  Although I do have  a soft spot for all things adorkable.  That includes, but is not limited to - beards, bears/cubs, beef (both cow and manimal), dogs/puppies, humor, all things 90’s, most things 80’s, sega, nintendo (all), gameboy, and holding hams and long walks on the beech.

Knock yourself out.



A good rule of thumb - if in doubt, don’t send it out.